Saturday, February 02, 2008

Passing COLT 97 - APU1

The First Electronic Steps passing COLT97 - APU1

Un-docking the module began as a marathon effort a long time ago.
On a tarmac far away from the hub of activity the Black Bird was parked . It was a service bird altered for minimal passenger airlift with its aft doors open.
It contained a maze of electronic equipments aptly designed for its mission. The Folks from the company and the Firm along with the cousins stood monitoring the airlift even as its timed progression was long overdue.
A brother in blood disagreed on coordinated papers even as the bird was being fuelled.
Presently a game of soccer was in progress and the cameras were not allowed to film the Bird's take off as mandated by protocol. After having ascended to the required height of 17000 ft as required by the air traffic control, the bird was joined by another of its kind, all attributes matching, in the pretext of a mid-air refuelling.
The mission was an unknown and yet undone air to air transfer. The Commander set coordinates to designated passes and auto-pilot was activated. The Altimeter indicated presence on the required air-corridor.
Unknown to him, a Secondary Protocol was unveiling itself and radars did not indicate the newly arrived bird.
The Executive Officer was a beautiful young lady trained to execute the protocol exactly on the drop zone. She had by now memorized her to-do actions a million times and did exactly as required.
Air turbulence and wind speed having been checked, the air-to-air transfer began and concluded as smoothly as planned. The Commander who was unaware of this was the mole and duplication of equipment was completed in the second bird. The Original bulky aircraft, this time only with its 'Mole-Commander' suddenly lost equipment control and began a pre-initiated free-fall onto the ground.
A single button was pressed and a lone F-117A Raptor witnessed the black bird's disintegration and final scatter spread over two time zones on Earth, thankfully on an uninhabited plain.
The Mission was accomplished and the trio were now in a dingy looking service elevator of an upscale English hotel looking for a key-card which was safely tucked away on the air-vent of the 7th Floor.
Upon descending, they clearly saw the Crown and the word Dictionary scrawled on the Broken Wall.
A button was pressed, alas the dream was gone and the child had grown.
Somewhere in reality; a remembrance of the Space Shuttle Columbia was made along with Josh Groban's musical tribute to its lost crew!

Wake up to the morning Sun - Wake Up realized! The Orbital became the Saint.
APU stood for Auxilliary Power Unit.