Monday, February 04, 2013

Beyond Sun and Sands - In Words and Notes

Goa and frolic have, over time, attained synonymy! And, fun in Goa is nothing short of being legendary, decreed by King Momo himself. It has been 20 years to the date since i last visited Goa and something has been itching within me to pack a bag and set off - except that the moment in time doesn't seem to arrive.

Some ten days ago, on a Friday morning, fellow blogger Chirag's text and K's email landed up almost the same time informing me of a press-conference scheduled later in the day announcing the Goa Carnival 2013. The enthusiasm of news from the land of 'sun and sands' added to the prospect of meeting some fellow bloggers was alluring.

The Government of Goa had sent in their top emissaries for the purpose; the minister and chief executive for tourism, who did good to promote the upcoming event and spell a message that Goa wasn't all about beaches and fizz, during the year end, but much more in spirit, culture, food, people and destinations. One witnessed a passionate and sensible attempt to convey of Goa as being a place to be visited year round rather than it just being seen as a frenzied venue for new year calling.

So then, what is the message about the carnival? A moment in time at a place "dominated by enjoyment and merry making where people come together and spread cheer and happiness."

Now, Goa aside, it was a treat to meet the lovely K, charming and eloquent, who as an organizer made it very comfortable and personal. Anil Purohit of Windy Skies was a pleasure to meet with. Kuldeep Chugh of The Top List with his sense and perspective of current goings-on and beyond along with Chirag, about whom i've written some posts before, made for some fine, personal, warm and memorable conversations that one could have hoped for.


A post on Chirag's blog about the evening.